Mission Statement

From weather forecasting to traffic management (to name but a few examples) space technologies have a growing impact on the daily lives of European citizens. Regions play a major role in all the stages of the value chain and in the policy-making and regulatory processes. At the political level NEREUS acts as the main interface between the Regions and the European Institutions.

As Space is a European “lead market initiative” the overall mission of NEREUS is to fully exploit the potential of the space technology market for the benefit of its Regions and their actors.

NEREUS aims to play an active role in the construction and development of space technology markets in order to ensure that optimal framework conditions are met for the further development of space applications.

As a strong voice for the regional dimension of European Space Policy, NEREUS wants to increase and enhance the participation of citizens and companies in European Space Policy and Programmes. Ultimately, it strives for an adequate representation of end user needs in terms of space applications and services.

To perform its mission NEREUS established a platform for:
• voicing the regional dimension of space policies at a political level
• enhancing the growing role of citizens in the development of European space policy and markets
• exchanging information and knowledge
• networking and building of strong partnerships
• mobilising convincing projects and initiatives

Full Member Regions

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