TTVS 2016 Course - Spacecraft Techniques and Technology |

If you wish to broaden your knowledge and gain a comprehensive view of the intrinsic business in the design of space vehicles, the TTVS 2016 Course is for you. for two weeks, participants will be able to view all the techniques and technologies that contribute to the establishment and operation of space vehicles. Divided in 9 thematic modules, the course will take place in Toulouse (Centre de Congrès Diagora).

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Space Week in the Azores |

 In the framework of its Space Week, the Azores organized a CANSat competition for secondary school students and hosted the Space Girls Space Women Competition. Co-organizers of the CANSat competition were the Observatório Astronómico de Santana – Açores, Ciência Viva and Aeroclube de Torres Vedras | More information 

CanSat Azores ESA NEREUS

ESA CanSat Azores CanSat Azores ESA NEREUS


Report on the session "Space for Careers Opportunities" at the NEREUS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE SPACE4YOU “Space, a driver for competitiveness and growth”

NEREUS Training Courses : The new e-catalogue that presents space related training and study courses in our regions

NEREUS offers a platform to mobilize strong activities and partnerships in the area of education and training. Within our full member regions and among our individual associate members, there is a significant part of the network’s efforts which impact on students, graduates and young professionals, with universities, research institutions and educational elements of regional government involved in our work. The regions and associate members together offer the young network community opportunities to network at an early stage of their careers at a European level, with senior figures in the field of space technology.



  • NEREUS established a cooperation agreement with Euroavia, the European Association for Aeronautics Students. More information here.
  • The NEREUS Communication, Education and Training (CET) Working Group, was specifically established for exchanging knowledge and learning on the European educational potential of space applications, training in space technologies and HR services to enterprises.
  • The e-catalogue is a tool to promote space studies across Europe: with this multi-entry research platform, students can span across NEREUS Regions and search for interesting training courses per topic or per geographical area. 




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